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-5 Weeks of Structured Workouts
-Private Videos Used -EXCLUSIVELY for this Product and Keep Shooting Subscribers
-The Jump Shot Diet (Framing our mindset for progress)
-Drills/Exercises focused on Catch and Shoot
-Drills/Exercises focused on Shooting on the Move
-Drills/Exercises focused on Shooting off he Dribble
-Balance Oriented Movements within Functional Shooting Drills
 through this program with me if you so choose!

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1. Energy Week (Learning how to move the ball efficiently)
2. Connection Week
3. One Hand/Guide Hand Week
4. Movement Week
5. Dribble Week
6. Momentum Week
7. Shooting on the Move Week
Within each week are 5 days of Drills and Explanations to help you not just shoot the ball better, but give you a better understanding of what it takes to do so.
Week 8 Consists of 5 Randomized Workouts that cover both what was learned in the prior 7 weeks and some new challenges as well.
You will walk away from this program with a foundational understanding of what it takes to shoot the basketball efficiently in a variety of different ways.
Connect drills to understanding and results are inevitable.

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