1 Hour Keep Shooting Consultation


What you get:
1 Hour Zoom call with Mike, breaking down your jump shot from the ground up. Will be referencing both video sent in by the client along with private video used with Mike’s personal clients for demonstration purposes. This hour is designed to serve as an open forum for any questions you have and how to address them moving forward. Following the call you will receive a recorded copy of the 1 hour video call along with homework assigned to keep you on track to becoming the shooter that you’ve always wanted to be. Have your shot evaluated, ask any questions you have, and get the roadmap for future success!

What I need from you:
I will need video of you shooting from 3 angles: Front, Side and Back View. I do NOT want game footage as this tends to be too far away to really see everything that is happening. While recording videos, please showcase shots: From standstill, on the move, off the dribble and from the foul line. The MORE you can send the more we will have to break down!



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