7 Day Guide Hand Diet


“The 7 Day Guide Hand Diet” dives into the role of the guide hand like never before.  This E-Book and 7 Day Workout Guide affords EVERYBODY the ability to both understand and shoot the basketball better than ever.  In working with thousands of players all over the world, I have found that it’s the “why” that gives us the greatest results.  Competence breeds confidence.  You don’t have to have guide hand problems to benefit from this Book and Workout.  Many of my higher levels players use the exercises provided within this program to get them both mentally and physically prepared for workouts and games.  I’ve said it over and over again…shooting the basketball is a SKILL that can be LEARNED.  With the right information and the proper implementation of that information – sky is the limit for you as a shooter!  Get yourself a copy of “The 7 Day Guide Hand Diet” today!



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