Ground Up 2.0


Ground Up 2.0

The following is an 8 WEEK Program designed for ANYBODY who wants to learn more about shooting.  Over the past 3 years I have worked 1 on 1 with THOUSANDS of players all over the world.  It is what I have learned from those players that has made this newest version of the Ground Up what it is.  

I’ve started and stopped numerous versions of this program.  I was hell bent on making it the most comprehensive, in depth, answer all questions piece of material that I have ever created (or consumed for that matter).  If I were to make this program 10x better than the original Ground Up program then it would have to be 10x bigger and badder, right?  Wrong.  In an effort to answer all questions I began creating new ones.  Shooting the basketball is rather simple, but I was making it complex for the sake of complexity.  “Less is More.”  I tell my players this all of the time.  The real evolution of the original Ground Up program should be “taking away” what is no longer needed, not adding more to it.  Edward de Bono said, “To Get Simplicity You Have To Want It Bad Enough.”  The following is my attempt at making/learning shooting “SIMPLE.”  What good is a manual that only a few would understand anyway?  Onward and Upward.

“Shooting is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”

The Program:



  1. How to Grip/Hold the Basketball
  2. Get Out of The Way:  The shot begins well before the ball ever moves!
  3. Pull The String:  Learn why a connected shot eliminates variability in more ways than 1!
The Program (8 Weeks):


  1. Week 1:  Break the String:  How We Best Create Energy!  Sequence is the name of the game!
  2. Week 2:  Connection 101:  A week full of calibration exercises to enforce connection for weeks to come.
  3. Week 3:  Balance:  The first domino.  Without balance everything else becomes a struggle.
  4. Week 4:  Shooting Off the Dribble:  Balances carries over into a week heavy on learning how to PREPARE!
  5. Week 5:  Range:  Use what has been learned up to this point to start challenging your ability to shoot further!
  6. Week 6:  Catch & Release:  The fundamentals of “Catch and Shoot!”
  7. Week 7:  Guide Hand (Extra):  Learn the role of the guide hand and how to use it to best!
  8. Week 8:  Game Shots:  Putting it all together!



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