How To Shoot Off The Dribble


“How To Shoot Off The Dribble”

I introduce movement and shooting off of the dribble fairly on in the process of learning how to shoot?  Why?  Because when we learn how the ball moves WITH us we start putting ourselves in position to prepare for our shot better than ever (always exceptions!).  “How to Shoot Off the Dribble” dives into concepts and progressions geared towards making shooting off the dribble easier than ever.

The Info:

  • Objective (What are we here to learn about shooting off of the dribble?)
  • Balance on the Move

The Workouts:

  1. Dribble Hop Shot
  2. 1-2 Step
  3. 2+ Dribbles
  4. Spins & Other Progressions
  5. All Together Now! (Challenge Day)

These 5 Days of Workouts do not have to be done in succession.  If you truly want the skill to stick while also developing a deeper understanding of the “why” behind what you’re doing – I would recommend you do these workouts multiple times over.  You will start to connect the dots in ways you couldn’t imagine the more time you spend with each day.



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