“6 Week Game Shots” Program


“The 6 WEEK GAME SHOTS PROGRAM” dives into advanced and game like concepts that build off of the understanding gained through the 8 Week Program (If you haven’t completed this, this program can STILL be of great benefit to you! ) Shooting off the pass, on the move and off the dribble take precedence.  In addition, “The 6 Week Game Shot Program” addresses the mental side of shooting and how we can begin embodying the vision of the shooter we’ve always wanted to be.  ANYBODY can become a great shooter!  Whether you’re a coach, player or parent this program will offer unique drills and perspectives on shooting the basketball.



Product Details:
5 Weeks of Structured Workouts
Private Videos Used EXCLUSIVELY for this Product and Keep Shooting Subscribers
The Jump Shot Diet (Framing our mindset for progress)
Drills/Exercises focused on Catch and Shoot
Drills/Exercises focused on Shooting on the Move
Drills/Exercises focused on Shooting off he Dribble
Balance Oriented Movements within Functional Shooting Drills
*With the Purchase of this Product you will receive code that will WAIVE sign up fee for the Keep Shooting Subscription.  Go through this program with me if you so choose!


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