Personal Jump Shot Breakdown!


Shooting the basketball is unique in that we can be one small change away from MONSTROUS results. I am sent countless videos via social media every day asking for me to provide feedback on what is going on with a particular shot and how I would go about addressing it! If you want REAL feedback on your shot – here is your chance to get a personalized video from me breaking down exactly what I see. Understanding the WHY is paramount in being able to realize our FULL POTENTIAL shooting the basketball!

Post Purchase PLEASE READ PURCHASE NOTE! Instructions on WHERE to send + parameters around video will be included there!



Send in video of you or somebody else shooting from front, side and back angles (preferably from 15ft or further) and I will return to you a personal video talking through your shot and action steps to take moving forward.  Think of it like a “Cameo”, but with real benefit to the recipient!


Up CLOSE videos are preferred as they will allow me to see what is going on with each shot in more detail. The closer the camera angle, the more I can see!   Game footage is great to have, but the angles are limiting!


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