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We’ve all been there.  Those moments on the court where everything just feels “right”.  Where a reigning NBA Defensive Player of The Year wouldn’t have the answer for the shots you’re hitting (or at least it feels that way).  You’re on top of the world and confidence is at an all time high….but then the next day…it’s GONE.  What felt so easy 24 hours ago all of a sudden feels like a distant memory.  “Where did my jump shot go?”  This is precisely why I created this SERVICE.  Consistency does not have to be something we HOPE is going to show up…it can be LEARNED and I promise you’re CLOSER THAN YOU THINK TO SHOOTING THE BASKETBALL AT A HIGH LEVEL!

Within the Keep Shooting Subscription you will get:

  • My PERSONAL WhatsApp Number: giving you direct access to me 7 DAYS A WEEK
  • Unlimited Correspondence.  There’s no limit to the questions you ask or the video you send.  I’m here to HELP.
  • Feedback Tailored to YOU.  There are no cookie cutter responses.  Every answer you get from me is 100% intended for YOU and your progress!
  • Entry into my PRIVATE Video Library, consisting of over 120 videos breaking down Concepts, Drills, and More!
  • Access to a BRAND NEW shooting workout EVERY MONDAY.  No better way to kick off the week than with plan in place to get better (That’s 52 NEW WORKOUTS PER YEAR!)
  • Be the FIRST to gain access to NEW programs as well as access to every program I’ve ever released!

Keep Shooting!

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1 review for 1 YEAR Keep Shooting Subscription!

  1. Juan Manuel Oliver (verified owner)

    Mike is an incredible teacher he will help you in every step of developing your jump shot and by training with him you’ll see results a lot faster. The best thing about the subscription is that it’s a two way conversation you can ask him any question and Mike will answer usually in less than an two hours. It is a must for everyone who takes their shot seriously and wants to improve it.

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