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We’ve all been there.  Those moments on the court where everything just feels “right”.  Where a reigning NBA Defensive Player of The Year wouldn’t have the answer for the shots you’re hitting (or at least it feels that way).  You’re on top of the world and confidence is at an all time high….but then the next day…it’s GONE.  What felt so easy 24 hours ago all of a sudden feels like a distant memory.  “Where did my jump shot go?”  This is precisely why I created this SERVICE.  Consistency does not have to be something we HOPE is going to show up…it can be LEARNED and I promise you’re CLOSER THAN YOU THINK TO SHOOTING THE BASKETBALL AT A HIGH LEVEL!

Within the Keep Shooting Subscription you will get:

  • My PERSONAL WhatsApp Number: giving you direct access to me 7 DAYS A WEEK
  • Unlimited Correspondence.  There’s no limit to the questions you ask or the video you send.  I’m here to HELP.
  • Feedback Tailored to YOU.  There are no cookie cutter responses.  Every answer you get from me is 100% intended for YOU and your progress!
  • Entry into my PRIVATE Video Library, consisting of over 120 videos breaking down Concepts, Drills, and More!
  • Access to a BRAND NEW shooting workout EVERY MONDAY.  No better way to kick off the week than with plan in place to get better!
  • No long term commitment.  I don’t lock anybody into a set number of months.  You can cancel at any time (but I believe you’ll soon find out WHY so many people stick around for quite some time)!

For the access you get to me personally and the information provided daily – we’re talking EASILY over $3,000 in value…but my goal has always been to TEACH.  With that goal in mind I want as many people all over world to have access to me and the information that I can provide.  This is why I set the monthly price of this service at JUST $49.99 a Month!  Since beginning this service I have vowed to provide a service that would far exceed the cost.  Start shooting with me today and END YOUR SHOOTING FRUSTRATIONS FOR GOOD!









First payment: October 31, 2023

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  1. Richard

    Love this

  2. David

    Very excited for this! Been following Mike for a long time now

  3. Nick Aldiero

    Mike Dunn is a phenomenal shooter himself and shooting coach. He genuinely cares for others and is always looking to improve himself and his clients.

  4. Nick Bartlett

    It doesn’t get any better than Mike when it comes to shooting! The information he shares on Instagram for free is incredible, but this is completely next level. Having one-on-one instruction from an expert like Mike will undoubtedly improve any player’s game faster.

  5. Omar el baba

    I love seeing ur post and stories hope one day ull coach me

  6. Kevin Rivera

    I want to now more information of this subcribtion and how it works

  7. Mateo

    I want more information on this subscription and how it works

  8. Sabīne

    Very excited for this…

  9. Alon Maor

    In short: you must try it! Mike is the best and you won’t be disappointed!

    Few products in this universe are as spectacular, rare and affordable as this amazing subscription which will allow you to learn from Mike how to develop an optimal shooting form and make shots at percentages you didn’t imagine before.
    Most people, including many of the best NBA players, believe that shooting is an art, which improves with repetition and is highly dependent on your intuition and original skill – I was amazed to learn from Mike that there is pure science which leads to a methodology and a process that can improve your shooting tremendously. 

    In today’s universe where the information is so accessible, it’s so delightful to find such a unique access to knowledge and wisdom which can make such a huge difference.

    Mike is fun to work with and super committed to your own personal improvement course. You will find him accessible and I can assure you that as long as you’ll commit to follow his process and advice you are going to improve your shooting beyond your imagination.

  10. Ahmed El-Ansary (verified owner)

    Mike has made me believe that ANYONE can become a great shooter. And he’s 100% right!!

    I’m 32 and have never been able to shoot the ball with regularity or good form.

    In less than one month, im now making shots with incredible consistency and with almost no effort from long distances!!

    Mike simplifies the art of shooting. Plain and simple. If you can apply his concepts and follow his weekly plan you WILL become a great shooter!

    As incredible a shooter and teacher as Mike is, he’s an even better person! I’ve never met him and I feel like we’re good friends. He’s also super accessible and ALWAYS gets back to you!

  11. Bernie (verified owner)

    This service is FANTASTIC.

    I am close to 50, never had any formal basketball training (not even youth league), but have always loved playing pick-up basketball

    I have spent countless hours over the years trying to capture the right “feel” on my shot and have never been able to quite capture consistently good shooting form or range, or if I have been able to capture it, I have not been able to maintain it, or have only been able to shoot from certain “hot spots” around the court.

    In just a few weeks I have made tremendous progress – my shot is becoming much more consistent and smooth and I feel confident Mike has me on the path to getting my shot to where I have always hoped it could be but worried it would never get to given my age!

    What you need to know:
    * Mike has a theory behind what he is teaching. This is NOT just shooting countless reps. If you follow Mike on Instagram you can get some sense of the theory
    * The drills and reps are structured. They build on one another logically and are designed such that they are manageable in terms of time (again – this is NOT just shooting countless reps).
    * Mike is very responsive. If you send him questions/clips he gets back to you quickly via message or even film clips with actionable feedback
    * Mike is very positive/motivational
    * The virtual/remote aspect works! I live overseas and am literally halfway around the world from Mike and the interaction is totally fine

    If you are looking for the “secret tip” or “one quick fix” that will instantly improve your shot – this may not meet your expectation. But if you are hoping to become a better/solid/more consistent shooter from all spots on the floor, you should definitely consider this. Within the first month, you will definitely get a sense within 1 month what this is all about.

  12. Jeff Grant (verified owner)

    Fantastic progressive based teaching curriculum with consistent high energy and near real time responses. I was skeptical when I signed up for my young daughter but have been so impressed. His knowledge of proper shooting technique is detailed and spot on and his teaching style is contagious. If you’re interested in developing a repeatable consistent jump shot and willing to put the work in you’ve come to the right place.

  13. John

    Having spent 15 years being an ‘ok’ shooter (plenty of bad habits) I signed up for Mike’s shooting subscription thinking I’d get a few tweaks to my shot and not much else. I totally underestimated Mikes attention to detail and ability to explain the art of shooting in a way that makes sense to me. He’s passed on knowledge rather than ‘instruction’ and has been there to answer every single question I’ve had. Each time I get stuck Mike has a tailored solution for me to go away working on. Despite living 3000 miles away, he’s never taken more than a few hours to get back to me and seems to have an ability to spot things that even coaches in person have missed. Incredible value for money and I’ll likely continue my subscription until he stops offering it

  14. Sailesh Kumar (verified owner)

    I’ve been a fan of Mike for awhile, and have been a long term client on his Keep Shooting Subscription. He is the real deal, through and through. He re-engineered my shot from the ground up over the course of 3 months, and the results have been absolutely wild. We are moving on to more and more advanced things, and it is no coincidence. He is the best coach in the game, easy. He understands the root of what he’s teaching, and that makes him all the more effective. It’s easy to have misaligned targets, like elbow tucked in, or even making a shot. Sometimes you have to realign on what’s truly important, which is making shots *efficiently*. He understands this mechanically, more than anyone I’ve ever seen, and that’s why he’s so quick to keep you aligned on the right path. There are things he has taught me that has nothing to do with the hoop, that instantly made me a better shooter.

    TRUST in Mike Dunn, it is the best thing you can do for your basketball shot. I have nothing but utmost praise for him – his knowledge, his style, and his bald humor will transform your game in ways you could never imagine. Hop on board and watch this man disrupt the coaching industry, and hang on for the ride 🙂

  15. Alexis

    Mike is a phenomenal coach and overall guy. He individualizes the lessons for you. A huge pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!! Can’t wait to work with him again!

  16. Rickey Lawrence (verified owner)

    Best of the best! A coach and a friend, what you get with his subscription is truly unmatched.

  17. David Rudnick (verified owner)

    This product and Mike deliver as promised. And that’s a huge statement because he promises a lot! He promises that you can text him, send him videos, get feedback, get on calls. It’s all true, Mike is really there for you the whole time, answering all your emails, taking time to help trouble shoot, and move you to the next level. I think you can all see from his free stuff that he knows his stuff, he can shoot the ball, and he can teach. But , in person it’s even better – I’ve been involved all my life (I’m closer to 50) as a player and coach. I have always been able to shoot the ball well but always wanted to redo my form, and also develop knowledge of how to more simply help others that need to tweak or reconstruct their shot. My own shooting form, rhythm, accuracy and understanding are at a whole new level – for my own shooting enjoyment and to better help others that I work with. I STRONGLY recommend it! Keeping Shooting!!!

  18. femi brown (verified owner)

    Before I actually started the subscription I would watch Mike’s videos and wonder if he ever missed. So I kept watching them and I noticed that I loved the explanation regarding the purpose of the various drills. Once we started the subscription, I noticed the professional coaches and others that he was seeking out for information to incorporate into the program. I appreciate that because it allows us to grow with the program and not outgrow it. The way Mike conveys the information allows my 14 year old son to understand it in his own way and then implement what he sees. One of the best components of the subscription is that Mike breaks down all of the videos that you send and if he notices even the smallest thing, he points it out and gives you drills to correct it.
    As a parent I love it because it has allowed my son and I to learn the nuances of shooting together. As a result, I understand what my son is trying to implement, and I can assist him by referring to what we learned from Mike . Also, we have a video progression of the improvement he has made over a period of time, so we can see that the program is working as his shot improves.

  19. Michael Erdos (verified owner)

    If you’re a true basketball fan and are willing to put in work then there is no better program out there. Mike is a talented, motivated, caring, and helpful coach who will break down the basics of shooting for you. He will pick apart your shot and put it back together from the ground up. You won’t find this much value in a program anywhere else. Don’t wait!

  20. Cameron Watkins (verified owner)

    Having Mike help me with my jumpshot was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. He has helped me take not only my shot but my understanding of the art of shooting to the next level. The biggest thing for me too is that he WANTS you to succeed every single day, and he makes me want to be better and push myself to be my best. If your wanting to really take your shooting to the next level mike can get you there!

  21. Payton Kasper (verified owner)

    Mike is the best! He makes shooting the basketball easy. It’s as simple as that. I struggled to shoot the ball throughout high school and now I’m in college. I started working with Mike and 4-5 months later I’m a completely different player now that I can shoot the basketball at a high level. I’m just getting started!

  22. Charles (verified owner)

    There’s an old proverb, “when one teaches, two learn.” Of the many qualities that make Mike a world-class coach, this openness and eagerness to learn is what makes him stand out.

    Mike has a great jumpshot, but that’s not why you should hire him as your coach. You should sign up for his subscription because of his single-minded focus on improving at explaining the complex skill of shooting a basketball, and doing so with as simple concepts and items as possible. Albert Einstein once said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” By this criteria, no one understands shooting better than Mike.

    The last thing to mention is how available Mike makes himself to assist you. I’ve never sent him a message that he failed to respond to that day. I’ve been around fitness professionals who have charged hundreds of dollars a month for less consistent access. This is the best value you may ever see in the fitness industry.

    Mike’s expertise, accessibility, and obsession with helping you improve make this subscription the best deal you will ever get. Waiting two years, from the time I first followed him on Instagram to when I signed up, delayed my progress back substantially. If you are even remotely considering this subscription, don’t repeat my error: sign up today, and start on the path to developing an elite jump shot.

  23. Charles Himmer (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several online shooting programs and most just send you some videos and lists of workouts to try. This is different. Mike really is there along side you the whole way. Every week there is a new workout to keep things interesting and the constant back and forth means you really learn the art of shooting. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to take shooting, or learning for that matter, seriously.

  24. Patrick M (verified owner)

    The confidence and knowledge I’ve gained so far frm the subscription is more than I ever expected and it’s constant improvement, every time I shoot I’m figuring out something new from Mikes feedback. I’ve improved so much already and feel like I’m just scratching the surface.

  25. Zaid Clack (verified owner)

    You will not make a better investment for your game. Period.

  26. Caleb Ellison

    This is the best thing you can do for yourself if trying to improve your shooting. Mike really makes the shot simple and efficient. Within my first month my shot got way more consistent and I went from shooting high school to NBA threes. I never would have thought I could improve so much this fast.

  27. Luke (verified owner)

    Mike’s KSS is great! I was in it for 5 months and I loved it. Mike is very responsive and is truly a great teacher. He is very patient and will help you out with any struggles you may be having. I totally recommend the subscription!

  28. Billy (verified owner)

    My son was always a decent shooter but we knew he needed a structure to help push him further. In the short amount of time we’ve stating using Mike’s subscription we’ve seen positive results and feedback anytime needed to help my son on his journey. I highly recommend this for any one that wants to shoot the ball.

  29. Luis Krieken (verified owner)

    When I bought this program I was skeptical about how everything was going to work digitally, so the first two weeks I was just going to be working with the tools I was given, and I remember just saying to myself “TRUST THE PROCESS”, first weeks, I had to get used to new habits that completely changed my wacky shot, and slowly converting it to a juicy looking shot, I even thought I was just going to do the subscription because I thought it was going to be enough, days before the month ended I was seeing that the progress I was making was Insane and that the program was actually working, so I said that I was going to do one more month, and then same thing happen, I did another month, and then another, and then another, I got so addicted of seeing progress into my shot I became a more comfortable and effortless shooter, every month I would get better and better. Every single day of every month I would ask questions, and asking for tips, which btw, this guy’s tips are so good that it can make a difference in the way you shoot the ball, his tips are insanely good, this man is GOATED.
    Something that you do have to get in your consciousness, is YOU are the one that has to put the work in, he gives you the blueprints, you have to make the move, for example your making a sculpture and someone gives you the materials and the dimensions for your masterpiece, you CHOOSE to put in the effort and the time, the more effort and time you put into anything in life= how good you are going to be at anything, this doesn’t apply to just basketball, anything you want to accomplish in life, that’s something else I learned from the program.
    My conclusion is this program, has several lessons, of course the main thing that it shows you is How to shoot a basketball?, for me it was more than just basketball it was how I saw everything in my life, different benefits in one program, basketball and life lessons , maybe you just want to learn how to shoot consistently and not interested in anything else, that’s all good , maybe I’m just boring you whoever is reading this, but to answer your doubts and questions about the program: YES, this program will make you a better and a more consistent shooter. TRY IT OUT FOR A MONTH AND I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET BENEFITS OUT OF IT, 100% worth it.
    I would say that the coolest part is that even though he is a busy guy all his attention goes out to you, and the access you have to him is basically unlimited, another thing is his feedback and tips just never fail.
    Anyway if you read the whole thing I hope you find what you are looking for in this program and learn as much as you can from it.

  30. Eduardo Siqueiros (verified owner)

    I’ll keep this very simple.

    Coach Mike is not only a great coach, he is a great person too. As I learned from him, teaching is a relationship. I have a great relationship with him (even if it’s using whatsapp) and that is why I can ask a lot of things with total confidence. I’ve been working with him for 4 months in the “Keep Shooting Subscription” and now I shoot the ball with a very different (and better) mechanic! I love this!

  31. Walter Rossaro (verified owner)

    It’s simple, if you want to become a better shooter this works. Because with Mike you are going to work on a skill in the “the right way” so every single rep you take is going to improve directly your shooting. Everything you do has a purpose and an aplication to shooting, and is all layed down in a direct line to the goal.
    Also you are going to work with a person who IS a great shooter and know how to get there, and still learning to improve.
    You know when great people work togheter is always going to be a collaboration, everybody learns something. And that what Mike is a great coach and person who will do whatever it takes to make you get better.

  32. AJ Holl

    I would highly recommend Mike’s services to any committed athlete looking to become a more confident and consistent shooter. When I first met Mike last year, I considered myself to be a pretty good shooter. However, his teachings opened me up to so much more knowledge and allowed me to accelerate my progress at rates I never thought I could achieve. He taught me how to adapt a system of efficient practice as opposed to pointless volume shooting. This has allowed me to gain a new sense of confidence in my abilites and has inspired me to continue to grow in this skill. Mike does extremely well explaining what he expects from you and everything he does has a reason behind it that just makes sense. I do not think anyone has the insight that Mike possess nor could inspire his players like Mike does. I cannot wait to see how much more progress I can make in the future working with Mike. This shooting service is such a good investment that I wished I had discovered even earlier in my basketball journey. His workout plans are incredibly easy to follow and will allow you to become the shooter you always wanted to be!

  33. AJ Holl

    I would highly recommend Mike’s services to any committed athlete looking to become a more confident and consistent shooter. When I first met Mike last year, I considered myself to be a pretty good shooter. However, his teachings opened me up to so much more knowledge and allowed me to accelerate my progress at rates I never thought I could achieve. He taught me how to adapt a system of efficient practice as opposed to pointless volume shooting. This has allowed me to gain a new sense of confidence in my abilities and has inspired me to continue to grow in this skill. Mike does extremely well explaining what he expects from you and everything he does has a reason behind it that just makes sense. I do not think anyone has the insight that Mike possesses nor could inspire his players like Mike does. I cannot wait to see how much more progress I can make in the future working with Mike. This shooting service is such a good investment that I wished I had discovered even earlier in my basketball journey. His workout plans are incredibly easy to follow and will allow you to become the shooter you always wanted to be!

  34. BT (verified owner)

    5 stars for Mike the goat. Mike gave me a confidence to shoot the ball like no other. Former division 1 player and I’m beyond grateful for the relationship we built. This is the best I have ever shot the basketball and it’s all thanks to Mike and his help. I look forward to doing what I wrote down and I’ll make sure you’re amongst the first to know. I appreciate everything ! The subscription is the truth without a doubt.

  35. Dave (verified owner)

    Amazing structure to build your shot and Mike always responds to questions and provides help when needed. Definitely recommend, amazing coach and videos to break things down. Worth every penny.

  36. Lior Carmel

    Mike is a great coach. It was awesome working with him. Amazing Coach!!!

  37. Isaac (verified owner)

    I would absolutely recommend the keep shooting subscription for anybody looking to improve their mechanics and shooting in general. The service is 100% worth the price, and everything in the description is accurate. Mike is a terrific teacher and his energy, knowledge of shooting, and ability to break things down is unmatched.

  38. Omar Morell

    Mike is a true teacher. Very easily breaks down the form of shooting and gives you drills to help at every step. If you’re looking to make your shooting percentage go up this is where you start. It’s the best money I’ve spent all year and really brought back the love of the game for me. Once you get the techniques down you can easily correct your misses and practice the techniques to make you more consistent overall. It’s a shooting clinic at your finger tips.

  39. Gregor (verified owner)

    Mike is probably one of the most competent, supportive, paitent guys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
    He is like the teacher you never had, he helps you with your specific problems and goes into great detail. He doesn’t hold back on his knowledge if he thinks it will help you. Not only on the technical side of the game but he also helps a lot with the mental part, which in my opinion is the thing that motivates me daily to improve at whatever I do. So off and on the court Mike is just a pleasure to have. 50 Bucks might seem much to some, but in my opinion its definitly worth the money, every penny. I would recommend anyone who wants to get better at shooting to try out this subscription. If you really want it, you can have a real deep dive into your shot and everything that goes with it. His knowledge about shooting is next to none. All in all great guy, competent teacher and worth every penny.

  40. David Walker (verified owner)

    I subscribed for my 9 year old son. Mike makes the process very simple and seems to always be available for questions! My 9 year old is a shooter now!

  41. Henok Temnewo (verified owner)

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike for almost a year now, and I would recommend him without hesitation to any and all that are seeking improvements as it pertains to shooting.

    Mike is very easy to communicate with and makes it a point to be available for questions. He provides excellent feedback and always, always has a positive mindset. This makes for great interactions just from a communications standpoint alone as a subscriber.

    My favorite part of being a subscriber is actually the details and understanding that comes with the learning. Through seeing many of Mike’s posts, videos and notes on shooting, I could tell he also cares about and appreciates these very details as these serve as the foundational knowledge that you build upon over time. This was why I became a subscriber from the beginning, with the hope that I could learn and gain this information through the subscription, which I can absolutely say has rung true.

    I’m very happy to be a subscriber and if you want to be a better shooter, Mike is absolutely the person I’d recommend for you.

  42. Grant Ledford (verified owner)

    Mike’s shooting subscription has been a total game changer. Mike helped me totally change my shot and become more consistent than ever. He gives you an understanding of shooting like none other that allows you to constantly improve. His constant feedback and knowledge is the best resource you can find if you are looking to improve your shooting. Shooting is the most important skill and Mike will help you reach new levels you never thought you could as a shooter. I highly highly recommend Mike’s shooting subscription!!!

  43. Omar (verified owner)

    Mike is an outstanding teacher, first of all because of his ability to listen and adapt to each of his students. He knew very quickly how to understand the shortcomings of my 14 year old son. In 4 months of work my son made great progress and was able to understand what he was missing. Mike will not sell you a dream, but a progressive work program adapted to each student. I am based in Paris and communication is not a problem. What is impressive is his ability to respond quickly and without limits to the questions that arise for him.
    Working with Mike is a sure way to invest in the future without wasting time on unnecessary efforts.
    Thank you Mike!!!

  44. Amir Ransom (verified owner)

    Mike goes above and beyond breaking details down in the Keep shooting program I know because I ask a ton of questions and he answers every question! He has helped me change my shot and many of my clients shot. My entire perspective on shooting has changed he does a awesome job! Strongly recommend the subscription.

  45. Zachary Raykher (verified owner)

    I have been a member of the Keep Shooting Subscription for about a year a half, and I have had the pleasure of working with Mike in person multiple times. Not only have I seen unparalleled growth to my jumpshot, I have also fostered a close friendship with Mike: someone I now look up to as a role model.

    Before joining the subscription, I spent years scouring the internet for tips to improve my broken jumpshot but when implementing them, I would see no improvement. However, upon seeing Mike’s content it was clear that it was far superior than the gamut of shooting instruction available. This was clear to me because not only was Mike teaching things I’ve never seen discussed before, but his precise explanations and reasonings for why he was doing what he was, made even the most complex shooting topics easy to understand.

    As my knowledge of shooting increased as did my percentages. I have seen results that I could have only ever dreamed of. Prior to working with Mike, I struggled to reach the basket from the highschool three point line. Now, I feel comfortable from NBA range. More importantly, my jumper feels great. Although it may sound cliche, the best way to truly describe how my jumper feels is effortless. I no longer have inconsistent weeks in which some days I feel good and other days where I feel like I can’t make a shot. I now know anytime I step into the gym my jumper will feel the same, and I can punish defenders with it.

    Throughout the process, Mike has been an incredible resource. He always answers all of my questions with in depth and clear explanations and does so in a timely manner. Mike radiates passion and excitement not only for shooting but also to see my personal growth. Mike is as happy when I succeed as I am myself. He has also pushes me to grow within every avenue of my life, not just shooting. This includes encouraging me to read, something I’ve rarely done in my free time before. I can confidently say I will be more successful in life as a result of my interactions with Mike. Although my playing career has come to an end, Mike is someone who I will definitely stay in touch with as he continues to motivate and inspire me to be the best version of myself. In conclusion, I can not recommend working with Mike enough!

  46. Daniel (verified owner)

    Mike goes into serious detail. Details which most would overlook in your shot. It’s these details that count and make you a great shooter. Always really positive and does an awesome job. I highly recommend this shooting subscription !

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