Think and Grow Range


“Think and Grow Range”

This 27 Page Guide focuses on the core fundamental concepts that allow us to create ENERGY.  In my experience working with thousands of players all over the world, the inability to transfer energy efficiently from the body into the basketball is what is holding players back from realizing their true potential shooting the basketball.  Think and Grow Range isn’t designed to have you shooting 3’s tomorrow – it’s a blueprint for getting comfortable with a NEW way of moving the basketball…and in TIME becoming the foundation for what will allow you to shoot more effortlessly than ever before!

The Info:

  • Introduction
  • The One Thing – Why Creating Energy is Important
  • Preparation (A deep dive into concepts & terminology used throughout the 5 part guide.
  • Prerequisites:  (6) Videos to Watch Before Getting Started.

The Workouts:

  1. Process > Outcomes
  2. Basket Introduction
  3. Make Shots Before You Shoot Them
  4. Onward & Upward (Movement)
  5. Challenge Day

These 5 Days of Workouts do not have to be done in succession.  If you truly want the skill to stick while also developing a deeper understanding of the “why” behind what you’re doing – I would recommend you do these workouts multiple times over.  You will start to connect the dots in ways you couldn’t imagine the more time you spend with each day.



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