Tiny Book of Balance


“The Tiny Book of BALANCE”

I’m on record saying that the ability to create efficient energy is the ONE thing that if focused on can drastically improve your shot.  However, BALANCE would be 1A.  It will never matter how good we are with our mechanics from the waist up if we are constantly sabotaging that with poor balance and lower body positioning.  The Tiny Book of Balance gets you acquainted with balance on a deeper level – implementing progressions ANYBODY can do and that translate directly to situations that occur in games.  It’s one thing to be able to shoot stationary, but where shooters separate themselves is on the move.  Understanding and implementing the progressions in this guide can be game changing!

The Info:

  • What is BALANCE?
  • Why is BALANCE Important When Shooting?

The Workouts:

  1. Starting Simple (Intro to FEELING balanced)
  2. Hands and Turns
  3. Let’s Move (Movement)
  4. Keep it Movin’ (More Movement = Better Balance)
  5. Challenge Day

These 5 Days of Workouts do not have to be done in succession.  If you truly want the skill to stick while also developing a deeper understanding of the “why” behind what you’re doing – I would recommend you do these workouts multiple times over.  You will start to connect the dots in ways you couldn’t imagine the more time you spend with each day.



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