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Do you struggle shooting the basketball? I truly believe we all possess the ability to become great shooters. Like any skill, it can be learned. With the right information in combination with proper implementation results become inevitable.


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Who Is Virtual Coaching Designed For?

Virtual Coaching is designed to meet the needs of any player or coach looking to take their ability to shoot or teach shooting the basketball to the next level.  Because you’re working with me on a 1 on 1 level, the information & conversations will ALWAYS be tailored to you individually in helping you meet your goals.


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Clinic Info

A shooting development clinic personalized to meet the needs or wants of each individual host. Focus on fundamentals, balance, movement and other advanced techniques. Clinics will cater to the skill level of the overall group.

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Virtual Training Info

Have your shot personally analyzed through a video conference call. Open discussion about strengths, weaknesses and any other shooting related questions you may have. 

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