Has an inconsistent jump shot been the missing piece to your game? To your clients? To your kids? Come join the thousands of players, coaches and parents who have taken a fresh approach to shooting by following my progression-oriented process.

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Who Is Virtual Coaching Designed For?

Virtual training is designed for players around the world to get genuine 1 on 1 help necessary to excel and reach the next level. Understanding the purpose behind the madness makes the ever growing process of developing a better jump-shot a very worth while experience. We have tweaked how we deliver instruction in order to get the best results out of each person that is apart of each program. One of the biggest focuses we have currently is keep each person engaged so if you are looking for a place or product to grow your shooting skill set, continuously get better, and learn in a space that is actually catered to how you learn, then you  need not only KEEP SHOOTING but keep scrolling.

"Most people fail, not because of a lack of desire, but because the lack of commitment"

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Clinic Info

A shooting development clinic personalized to meet the needs or wants of each individual host. Focus on fundamentals, balance, movement and other advanced techniques. Clinics will cater to the skill level of the overall group.

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Virtual Training Info

Have your shot personally analyzed through a video conference call. Open discussion about strengths, weaknesses and any other shooting related questions you may have. 

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