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Do you struggle with shooting the basketball? I truly believe that we all possess the ability to become great shooters. Like any skill, it can be learned. With the right information in combination with proper implementation, results will become inevitable.

Having worked 1-on-1 with thousands of athletes, from NBA players to complete beginners, basketball coach Mike Dunn excels at identifying the core of a shooter’s mechanics. His focused feedback hones in on root causes while removing unnecessary motion. Dunn’s analytical approach of “less is more” allows athletes to optimize their natural shot.


ROB FODOR- Miami Heat Shooting Coach

“Mike has a true understanding of what it takes to be a great shooter… not only does he have the ability to shoot the ball himself, but to be able to TEACH with the same excellence… THAT is what makes him truly great.”

JIM LARRANAGA- University Of Miami Head Coach

“Mike Dunn is simply the best shooting coach I know. His positive approach, his attention to detail and his vast knowledge about how to improve your shot makes him special.”

CHRIS CAPUTO- George Washington Head Coach

“Mike has created an individualized system to help shooters of all ages improve, and cares deeply about the progress of the players he works with. We consult with Mike often on how to help our players become better shooters.”

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