I Want To Be YOUR Personal Shooting Coach


When I began posting my ideas about shooting it was 100% motivated by
wanting to provide the information that I had been so fortunate to obtain to
whoever wanted to apply it. Players, parents, coaches….I just wanted to help in
any small way that I could. I’ve continued to learn and grow as a teacher
throughout the past few years. I feel like I’m at a place where I want to help as
many people as I can fulfill their want of becoming a better shooter. I want to be
YOUR personal shooting coach.
In a few weeks (maybe sooner) I am going to begin offering my services as
your personal shooting coach, no matter where you are in the world. For $49.99
a month you will have complete access to me via text to answer ALL of your
shooting questions. Whatever videos you want me to critique or shooting
questions you have…I will be there to answer EVERY single one of your questions.
I have been putting together an extensive private YouTube page that will only be
available to those who are part of the subscription model. Videos will always be
available for you to reference.
My passion is teaching shooting. I love putting out the content, but I can
only go so far in being able to connect with each and every person that has a
question. For $49.99 a month you have a professional shooting coach on retainer
to answer ANY question you may have. This allows me to continue to teach while
also connecting with those of you I wouldn’t be able to all over the world. Again –
and I can’t stress it enough – I will be answering and providing feedback for ANY
question that you will have along the way. I believe there are certain concepts
that have a much deeper impact when there can be open conversation
surrounding it. Simply releasing/posting videos does not allow me to do that on a
personal level.
I look forward to connecting with more of you and building towards
creating a group of knock down shooters all over the world.

As always….Keep


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